Friday, August 23, 2013

Skating Fridays

Three short videos - Death drop spin and axel jump

I don't have much to report this week. The competition is about 4 weeks away and I am feeling grossly underprepared. I'm hoping to hit up a few freestyle lessons so I can run my program and see what needs to be cut.

During group class last night, I worked on my death drop spin and axel jump. For both elements, my main focus was to keep my upper body slightly arched back rather than slouched over. I know how important the entries are for both the jump and the spin, so I have been working hard to fix this.

Would love to hear your thoughts on whether these have improved... or not!

Death drop spin - back sit still needs to go down lower, and my free leg needs to kick up higher and straighter

Axel attempt #1 - need to land in a tighter position

Axel attempt #2 - again, I'm opening up too soon on the landing



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