Friday, June 29, 2018

Skating Fridays

New Spin Technique

I have a new spin coach that I absolutely adore. She has specialized in spins for over a decade and is highly sought out from skaters all over the country.

I originally thought that my camel spin was fairly decent. I have been able to get many revolutions on it and was told that my spin looked good.

My new spin coach, however, tore it apart and wanted me to try a new technique that would be less volatile and easier to "save" if it went bad.

With my old technique, I would "clear the table" with my arms and keep my palms facing down during the spin. I also pointed my toe.

Using the new technique, I do not clear the table, my thumbs are pointing up, and I flex my foot.

Here is a before and after for a comparison.



What do you think? Do you see a difference? Which one looks better or more stable? Would love your thoughts below!


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