Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vanilla bean macarons with Biscoff filling

A bunch of my online foodie friends wanted to create macarons, but some were just intimidated by the thought of it. We decided to challenge ourselves and make some and encourage each other throughout the process. Although I've made macarons previously, I wanted to take part in the challenge and try baking another flavor. I altered the recipe I used before by omitting the cocoa powder and scraping a vanilla bean to make a vanilla bean macaron. I didn't spend much time on the filling and just opted to add some Biscoff spread as the filling. The result: divine.

My macarons cracked pretty badly this time, and some of the cookies did not get feet.  I think I overmixed the batter by incorporating too much air, as some of the macarons had pretty big air pockets even after I rapped the sheet several times on a table. I was able to find a few better-looking ones to photograph, as you can see above.

Despite the ugliness of my batch of macarons, they were still really tasty!

Source: Macaron recipe and instructions from this post; filling is a tablespoon of Biscoff spread


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